Hi guys (new day, new post);

How are you theses past few days??? Me , apart from the blog , i have to upload my homework everyday and sometimes having fun with my crew. Talking about fun, this month of May was and is still full of events involving Beauty and Africa and it is making me so proud!!! Unfortunately, i did not attend this particular event for personal reasons but from what i saw and i heard the event was magical and from what the media related, the organisation crew did excellent.


For more pictures , Click on this link !!!!!

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The Ukrainian media :


3 thoughts on “MISS AND MR KHARKOV AFRICA 2013

    • Hey Vlad, thanks for the interest to my post and keep updating. ^_^
      Well, to learn Ukrainian (or more common here Russian) language is not an obligation but as a non resident i will tell you to take one year for it at least for the basics. It really helps for your social life here! For my course (Telecoms) i am enjoying it in the stress ^_^ lol and yes some programs are in English depending of the University you will pick.

      • This is very cool! I always thought you have to learn a native language to study in Ukrainian universities. Check this out — I went through the high-school studying everything in Russian as my native language, and then Minister of Education of Ukraine have forced all students to pass final exams in Ukrainian. It was a nightmare for all of us because nobody knew Ukrainian well enough to pass physics, math, history etc. I got so upset that moved the hell out of Ukraine LOL But hope you enjoy it there, it can be hell of a lot of fun for sure!

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