Between 2010 and 2013, these videos in which we asked small children (boys and girls, skin color are included) to choose between Barbie African types and European ones, the finding was a little bitter to see that stereotype of Barbie matte skin is so rooted in the child’s young age, that upgrading the doll complexion Ebony is in itself a waste of time. Habits adopted for a long time formed a second skin and thus put a reluctance to change. This sticker on our computer from a time full of memories, that old t-shirt that is a old gift, this move as feared but should be: CHANGE. We all fear it. This stage of life you have no control or influence and which ultimately makes you hang you to preset order. If I wanted to highlight the example of Barbie above, it is up to how the NEW will always be perceived as a threat to a community.
And if Plato was wrong? What if the goal had not been to get out from the cave to the light, but to explore it, and reap the potential out of to combine this result with the one of the LIGHT? We hide in the status quo, orders governed, irrefutable truths to explain the rejection of evolution. Evolve is not progress or regress in any way, but rather TOLERATE! I tolerate global warming, I tolerate my new neighbor, I tolerate inflation. Not to be confused with the repression of freedom of expression, but everything to do with the object and the subject of this TOLERANCE.



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