Hello guys and i hope the month of July was full of your summer wishes.

29th of July, it is almost 02:15 am and these past few weeks were blessed with a trip to Montreal in Canada. Yeah guys, i made it and i am enjoying every single day of my summer like a grape!

In between the malls, the restaurants and the family meeting , i can’t even breathe and talk to my “love” as much as i want! But what happens in Montreal, stays in Montreal, right girls? Forever21, Starbucks or the Old Montreal, my camera does not stop flashing these moments. Even if i used to miss my friend sometimes, i know their summer is going great by the Grace of God and they can’t wait for us to go back to school and start telling our three months break! But for now, lets us smell the metro station, seek the living side of the center of the town and: FLASHING LIGHTS.



4 thoughts on “OH MON DOUX ( OMG )

  1. You mean “oh mon dieu”, right ? Or it’s a strange joke I didn’t get ?
    Okay, forget it. But it’s “oh mon dieu” and… I mean… it’s very very important.

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