Where are you going to?

Where are you going to?

Hey guys,

So , i can not afford myself to take a nap (even by 03:20 am): sleep became a luxury in my purse. I am shooting my body with music, movies, blogging ( of course) and new technologies (definitely: i am first of all an engineer…before to be a human being 🙂 ) ; and specially in the night! Here is the link which is keeping me alive for almost five hours now.

It took me a while to admit it, but i am a “horror-movie addict” with the heart of a “Romantic independent movies”- say Myself to the World. Emotions have so much power and influence in somebody’s life : it scares me to death. Words make you react ;but actions can either explode your soul or hurt you from head to toe (or both at the same time). I was so looking for that Summer’s <<romance>> (for fun-i precise) and i was so into this and i forget you can not plan it . Run away from me and i will seek for you; follow me and i will run away from you.


– (English #MyFavorite)

– (French)

– (French)

– (French #MyFavorite)

P.S: Make sure to open those following links with your half; if not in case…your blanket won’t be enough –>>#ForMyGirls

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