Hey Guys (1st of September),

What are you up to for this first day of the year?? Believe me, for every student around the world, September is the beginning of the year , and August  the End.  For the 31st of August, i spend the day: chilling at home with my siblings, Hot Chocolate, Blogging Issue and laughing about how will be summer 2014!!!But first , lets face this new academic year and run that sh*t like a BOSS. *CHEESE*  🙂   ^_^   .

In this post, i wanted to share with you guys , what i found out while looking around the telecommunications world! And, let me tell you guys, being a * Techy Nerdy* for me is awesome as H*ll! I love what i see, i love what i am struggling during 9 months of an academic year, and i love how my future looks like. So keep updating with these two links below and watch out guys.


–   ”      Leaked: HTC One Android 4.3 Pre-Release      ”

 –   ”    Samsung Galaxy Gear Arriving September 4 – Confirmed  “



Hi guys (new day, new post),

I don’t know if before it had happened to you but, for me ( i should confess it) Microsoft was different from Windows, the only browser on Earth (yes on Earth guys) was Internet Explorer and me + a computer equaled an integral calculus in probabilities. Yes! It has happened to me. <<Ignorant Period>> LOL

So for now that i MUST know the latest updates in every domain of Telecommunications, i deserve to know those responsible of that. And , well , of course share it with you guys! I named it : HIDDEN RECOGNITION. Here are some of these wonderful  people we must congratulate for every forward step they made or they are making  for the evolution of the WORLD WIDE WEB!

Make sure guys you read that link, you know,…to have something intellectually speaking during argues. It helps sometimes. ^^