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Hi guys (sorry for being silent),

So another day, another story. Here is the one rocking these days on Facebook. I am not <<gaga>> about the Competition itself but, my native country is raising up his flag into it for the first time through this beautiful lady( i am sure you know now who i want to win, even though i think she made us proud being involved in the pageant issue). Wish you luck young lady and you have a whole nation holding your back no matter what! Like someone sung: << Started from the bottom now we here. >>

So make sure guys to keep updating with the link i will post for more news; how the girls are doing and how a beauty can be drawn under a whole country.

              – << MISS WORLD >> –



       This hill-like the Himalayas, these buildings looked like huge castles and those yards to go looked like a treasure hunt. But finally get there, hair in the wind, the light body and the feeling of floating, fresh air: you have one foot on land and the other one feels the frantic call of the sea! We stopped being dazzled by the sun, it’s just filled with wonder by this sublime reflection it gives pictures in the background. I do not fall in love with this emotional journey, I’m already conquered.

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Quelqu’un m’a dit que j’étais polyglotte ,donc dans cette introduction je vous donne un apercu de mon espagnol! 🙂

Estoy loca del rap en su conjunto (poética, lírica y sucio o limpio). Así que yo no soy llegada me decido por un artista en particular (aunque Oxmo Puccino dominante), esta lista fue capaz de levantarse de mi colchón y mantenerse en movimiento! Así que prepárate,  que no quiere perder ni un minuto de esta composición musical: se le hará la conversación.


          I never experienced a new as offensive as this one on a Friday! At first, you think “I have overcame it” (like it’s good, it’s done). But then you let time and it is growing inside you like a ditch! You think it is stupid the way it is affecting your mood; you won’t live with,you will grow from this experience! You have to stand up, no one will held your hand! SORRY BOO BOO! CRY ENOUGH AND THEN WIPE YOUR TEARS! I am a sensitive person and I will never apologize for that.

But , thank GOD , good news still exist : i am Aunt of a beautiful young boy…again :p



Hey guys! As you can see above , i post you a song i am really in love with and i was a little bit nostalgic about  Ukraine ; so August 1st, i was sitting on my bed this raining day and was trying to remember the name of this wonderful and talented artist. Trust me even if you can not hear a word, the guy is “killing” it. 🙂


You are probably wondering why i did put Thailand and Ukraine in the same plate? Well, my appetite for exotic flavors resurfaced during an outgoing at Place Versailles and this little Asian restaurant was making me the eye for an overseas supper! Randomly:  “General Thaï”, “shrimp fried rice”, “Nem honey” and to break all this, the famous “Poutine” (a specialty from Quebec). In sum, my lips were a treat and on my belly, it was a “YES” without notice! Thank you # TT . A trip is not complete without explorations. ^_^


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Hello guys and i hope the month of July was full of your summer wishes.

29th of July, it is almost 02:15 am and these past few weeks were blessed with a trip to Montreal in Canada. Yeah guys, i made it and i am enjoying every single day of my summer like a grape!

In between the malls, the restaurants and the family meeting , i can’t even breathe and talk to my “love” as much as i want! But what happens in Montreal, stays in Montreal, right girls? Forever21, Starbucks or the Old Montreal, my camera does not stop flashing these moments. Even if i used to miss my friend sometimes, i know their summer is going great by the Grace of God and they can’t wait for us to go back to school and start telling our three months break! But for now, lets us smell the metro station, seek the living side of the center of the town and: FLASHING LIGHTS.






Between 2010 and 2013, these videos in which we asked small children (boys and girls, skin color are included) to choose between Barbie African types and European ones, the finding was a little bitter to see that stereotype of Barbie matte skin is so rooted in the child’s young age, that upgrading the doll complexion Ebony is in itself a waste of time. Habits adopted for a long time formed a second skin and thus put a reluctance to change. This sticker on our computer from a time full of memories, that old t-shirt that is a old gift, this move as feared but should be: CHANGE. We all fear it. This stage of life you have no control or influence and which ultimately makes you hang you to preset order. If I wanted to highlight the example of Barbie above, it is up to how the NEW will always be perceived as a threat to a community.
And if Plato was wrong? What if the goal had not been to get out from the cave to the light, but to explore it, and reap the potential out of to combine this result with the one of the LIGHT? We hide in the status quo, orders governed, irrefutable truths to explain the rejection of evolution. Evolve is not progress or regress in any way, but rather TOLERATE! I tolerate global warming, I tolerate my new neighbor, I tolerate inflation. Not to be confused with the repression of freedom of expression, but everything to do with the object and the subject of this TOLERANCE.





Hi guys (new fresh morning “almost 3:00 am” , new post);

As i told you in the recent post, this THE month of event in my city and like i wanted, i attended  the first edition of MISS AFRICA UKRAINE  and i did not regret one minute of it. It started may be at the “African time” (nobody is perfect) and don’t mind it, i came one hour after the given one, but this was magical and fantastic; …; and powerful , colorful. The adjectives could not describe what my eyes saw, my ears heard and my mouth shouted. ^_^

Well, the girl chose to represent my country (Cameroon) did not  attend (fear could not be a reason to give up girl;no matter who you are, you got your own beauty dear) as one or two others countries; but (secretly) the queen was my first choice. I have a good flair :p !!! I am talking to much , just appreciate the show !!!


For more pictures, follow the links below :

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