Hey Guys (1st of September),

What are you up to for this first day of the year?? Believe me, for every student around the world, September is the beginning of the year , and August  the End.  For the 31st of August, i spend the day: chilling at home with my siblings, Hot Chocolate, Blogging Issue and laughing about how will be summer 2014!!!But first , lets face this new academic year and run that sh*t like a BOSS. *CHEESE*  🙂   ^_^   .

In this post, i wanted to share with you guys , what i found out while looking around the telecommunications world! And, let me tell you guys, being a * Techy Nerdy* for me is awesome as H*ll! I love what i see, i love what i am struggling during 9 months of an academic year, and i love how my future looks like. So keep updating with these two links below and watch out guys.


–   ”      Leaked: HTC One Android 4.3 Pre-Release      ”

 –   ”    Samsung Galaxy Gear Arriving September 4 – Confirmed  “



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Hi guys(new day, second post)!

INSTAGRAM ??? Yes! KEEK???? Yes!! BROWSER??? Yes!!!  WHATSAPP??? Yes!!!! GAMES??? Yes!!!!! The seller: “Did you make your choice Miss?”” No!!!! I am lost!!!!! Well , this scene occurred yesterday in a store when i finally though i made my choice for a new gadget! Little budget totally sucks. How on Earth could have i make a choice? It killed my night. So i decided to look on the internet and guess what??? They give you everything but not an answer!!! 😦 Watch this!

  • Oh will that fit in my pocket ?

That is something one wonders when one looks at the size of a tablet. The smallest tablets come in a 5” body while the largest smartphone is of 9.7”. But with bigger screen comes better resolution, better picture quality and more functionality. The portability factor is a key. Smartphones are very convenient, slip it in your pocket, keep it in the bag/purse wherever you put it, it is good to go.

  • Do I need that ?

When it comes to buying a tablet, the one question you need to ask yourself is do I really need a tablet?  Tablets are larger, much easier to use as keyboard is more user-friendly. They are also portable and can ideally be a substitute for a Personal Computer. But if you want it exclusively for phone use, you won’t like to be holding a 8” tablet at your ear! That would look stupid.

  • Cool! What about the specifications ?

With the current technology out there, any smartphone can compete with the tablets. Large 32 GB memory with 1 Ghz processor is something both have there to offer. Smartphones have a limited memory as compared to the tablets, as the tablets haveadditional USB slot(s) to fit in external hard disks.

  • All right, what about internet ?

Smartphones have the SIM card capability, so they have access to 3G as well as 2G/EDGEnetwork. No need to say that they also come with WiFi. The tablets have the USB port, so we can use the USB netconnect broadband services (dongle’s). They also come with wi-fi support. Some tablets come with a SIM slot, so they can be configured for 3G/2G/EDGE network.

  • What about messaging and calling ?

Instant messaging/SMS is always an option. Smartphones adapt this well. Some smartphones even can make video calls. But why settle for SMS/voice calls when you can make video calls. Who says we cannot call from a tablet? Voice call/video call feature is offered using internet connection(eg : skype). So you can video call all your online friends, on the go. Even to the friends sitting at home in front of their PC’s.

  • Err! What about the price ?

Currently, in the market you can get a good smartphone starting for about ₹ 5k. SeeTablet under ₹ 5000.
At the same price, many companies offer their tablets, of course with certain shortcomings.

Seeing the current trend, the smartphones getting bigger and the tablets getting smaller, it is inevitable that one day, there will be no smartphones or tablets, there would be just the fusion of both of them: “smablets” or “tabphones” or, whatever you wish to call them! The gadget that will replace tablets, computers and phones. That would be a great day, not far away, when people will go “The new smablet way”!

PARODY TIME: Lets laugh

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